About AEsynergy

We work with policymakers, public sector managers, and other organizations looking to drive social impact. Our work takes a citizen-centric approach that achieves results for the overall community.

Our Beliefs

AEsynergy is founded on the belief that we can make our communities better by using metrics to be accountable to our citizens. We believe that public sector leadership means creating positive, measurable impact at all levels of government that, in turn, makes the world a better place.

Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our vision is a world of proud citizens that are proud of their governments.

  • Proud citizens participate, help their neighbors, and inspire future generations
  • An esteemed government of proud citizens provides services efficiently, solves constituents’ problems, and creates thriving communities

So, it’s our Mission to use metrics to improve the well-being of citizens and strengthen democracy.

We will do this by implementing a collaborative consulting practice that identifies the needs of policymakers, public sector leaders, and other social impact organizations and provide them with the tools to create thriving communities.

Our Founder

Robert Stonebrook is the Founder and Principal at AEsynergy. With 30 years’ experience from startups to $1 billion companies in the US and Europe, Bob brings a hands-on, practical, and results-oriented approach to any engagement. Taking the time to deeply understand the issues, nurture relationships, and methodically uncover solutions, he creates an intensively collaborative environment to drive positive change.

“There is so much great work being done in public service. The small, but critical, adjustment is to make sure all that work is leading to community improvement. And we get there through strong leadership, effective measurement, and persistent follow-up.”


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